BURNT MATRIOSHKA /dead stereotype

Designer toy. 2020-2022  |  12.00 x 14.00 x 12.00 cm

We are here to talk about the rejection of stereotypes. Nowadays we are more international, so let’s burn them. The matryoshka is a flippant symbol of our national identity, because it is more a symbol of commercialism, rampant consumerist tourism and an absence of cultural progress. 

Sometimes we have to burn our cultural stereotypes. 


Through the burning of our consumerist cultural relics we allow ourselves to be reborn in a traditional pagan manner. 

Though in this result we have only ash, implying maybe that there is no life after death. This may seem pessimistic, but instead it compels us to enjoy and value what we have here and now, as opposed to hanging on to outdated cultural trinckets.