Ekaterina Malakhova- Artist. Designer. Visionary

Ekaterina Malakhova splits her focus between art and design, working in sculpture and installation.

Ekaterina’s artistic approach of is to search for visual instant indicators: as an artist, she is always looking for ways to express the effects of time and capturing moments in life. “When, in life, we create instances and situations, sometimes we can only observe. However, every single one of our actions, our momentary appearance or even revelation and understanding - each stays at the instance when happen.” 

The other focus of artist’s interest is peoples mindsets and self awareness in nowdays. Today’s cities are not only physical spaces. These places of power or, in other words, public spaces which impact our way of life, are bound tightly to the Internet. A user’s experience of these spaces is being intertwoven with the reality. While it’s important to consider the nature of our physical presence in a place, it is equally important to reveal the facets of the digital spaces which run in parallel. These realities are interrelated and reflect each other. The cityscape is changing, and people’s mindsets are changing with it.

We adapt to new urban conditions and requirements.

Everyone is in a permanent state of observation, complicit in its pervasiveness and innured to its ubiquity.

– I seek for the questions to ask people, this is my art way. I believe that art is not nesessary something complete and autonomic. Art lays in interactions, inerpretations, impressions and memories. Everythings changes, so our answers migh vary from yesterday to tomorrow, but the right question might be meaningful and up to day.


1998 - 2004

2004  Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Art, Graphic Design




A'Design Award & competition, Como, Italy

Modulor, Saint Petersburg, Russia




DOCA Art Festival (Days of Contemporary Art)


Open Museum, Electromuseum, Moscow


Benua Art Garden, Public space Benua, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Planetarium № 1, Dream Garden, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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