UNSPOKEN WORDS. Series of sculpture, 2021

Material: glass, acrylic, metal



(I) Ideas don’t belong to us. They flow through the universe, and through us. We might momentarily catch them, as they pass by.


Books try to catch ideas, but they can only be an artefact of an idea at a given point in time. Text in a book is like evidence on the past existence of an idea. It is an imprint of thought.


The last two years have highlighted how fast life, concepts and values might change. And that the most precious things are often intangible and might be found only in communication. Which draws us to a concept of hive mind.

(II) Another point of view is: it is proven that the language we speak defines the way we think and therefore who we are. So information which we consume goes through the prism of ourselves. Actually, we pick up what we can perceive. The rest is in a blind spot or in other words it is transparent, invisible.


The transparent book is a metaphor for idea, but it also reminds that idea is fluent and transient. It is relevant to the time. If it is not realized, it becomes passe over time. It slip through our hands like water. 


(III) Empty and transparent book might be also seen as a potential holder of words. Let's remember how many times one had something to say and never voice? We often regret about it keeping those words unheard, invisible. Maybe we would make someone happy if we let the words out.


Emptiness refers us to the freedom of interpretations. Anyhow, the words “believe” and “love” wrote in brail seem to be main bearings in total uncertainty. Also brail type is equally understand in any languages.


Series of objects currently is in production.